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Dear Anne Hathaway,

I recently came across this photo of you from Harper’s Bazaar:
Am I supposed to think this is gorgeous, or pretty, or even worth looking at? I already think you fucking suck in the biggest way, but you look really stupid in this picture. If you’re going to do a “big dress on a bus” shot, you should probably do it right. You could certainly use a few pointers from Elyse Sewell, best ANTM contestant ever and professional model, whose Privé Asia cover from 2008 immediately bubbled to mind:
Don’t these photos look surprisingly reminiscent of one another? Just uncanny! The difference here, though, is that you did it stupid and she did it chic. I know you’re not a professional model - you’re just an actress. I know you didn’t plan this shoot. But do you think that maybe, just maybe, you could have tried? Worked the dress a little bit? Used your prop character better? Done something other than put your hand on your hip and stand there fucking grinning? You’re showing me the lack of creativity and soul that I’ve always suspected of your bland ass, and it’s terribly satisfying.